Prestbury Methodist Church 10 Year Plan (2013-2023)


In 10 years time, our buildings will be

  • Welcoming, inviting, attractive and well maintained
  • Flexible (multipurpose and ease of use)
  • Purposeful (the buildings and their use fit into an overall/holistic plan)
  • Accessible as a community resource, and
  • Make space for children and youth as a priority


By 2023, PMC will be a church

  • Whose hearts have been transformed, thereby impacting positively on a giving/tithing ethos
  • Where there is greater understanding and ownership of the financial situation of the church by the congregation (financial transparency)
  • Where running costs are covered and there are funds for mission


In 10 years time, our children and youth will have a Christ-focused programme, owned by and integrated with the congregation, and that caters to the needs of the community.

Young Adults:

By 2023, PMC will have greater awareness of and will respond to the unique needs of this age group (a group that is often in transition regarding work, relationships/marriage and young families), including programmes that integrate young adults into the full life of the church.

Community (outside):

PMC believes in God’s preferential option for the vulnerable in society. By 2023, Prestbury Methodist is a port of call seeking to be relevant to, actively engaged with and in service to the wider community; where all feel welcome and included; and where we love our “neighbour” (whether in the pew or in the wider community) as ourselves.


PMC is a place where all ages are welcome, catered for and integrated into the life of the community. Programmes are relevant in helping families cope with challenges in modern living.


PMC is a place where the Fruit of the Spirit is evident and attested to; where there is a genuine transformation of minds and hearts; and where there are opportunities for growth and deepening in one’s relationship with God through Jesus.

Fellowship (inside):

PMC is a place where there are ample opportunities for all age groups to learn about Jesus, the Bible and one another, and where every individual can experience belonging, companionship, care, learning, healing, accountability and fun. We encourage every member to be in a small group.

Sunday Services:

PMC’s Sunday Services offer glory and pleasure to God. They provide all believers with opportunities, through worship and service, to grow and be transformed into Christ-likeness. This implies worship services that are inviting, engaging and inclusive, and that promote ongoing deepening in all believers’ experience and understanding of God.

Relationship with Prestbury Preschool:

Because of the historical link between PMC and Prestbury Preschool, the Presbury congregation commits itself to an ongoing and intentional relationship with the Preschool.

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