The Hour That Changes Everything - Part 5

“Love” has become cheapened these days. “Love” is portrayed to us in soapies, it is marketed for Valentine’s Day, it is used to declare how we feel about our latest cell phone. There is even the danger that we can over-sentimentalise our “love” in our worship.

“Love is effortful,” says John van de Laar in the sixth chapter of his book, “Becoming Loving”. Anyone who reads with depth the Love Poem of I Corinthians 13, or examines closely how Jesus loved others, sees that love is indeed effortful. I know I often read the New Testament and think I can’t possibly love like that… it really is HARD! “For Jesus, every moment, every decision and every interaction is an opportunity to open the heart and to welcome the other in” (van de Laar, pg. 114). That’s a hard act to follow!

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