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Sermons from Prestbury Methodist Church.

  • Take the Covenant with you

    Take the Covenant with you 

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  • Ascension Sunday

     Ascension Sunday

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  • Grow in God always

     Grow in God always

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  • Visioning: Can we be transformed/renewed?

    In any journey, it is important every once in a while to stop and take stock of where we are, how far we have come and where we still have to go. This is part of what our Visioning Process is all about: stepping outside ourselves for a while and looking inward with new eyes.

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  • The Hour That Changes Everything - Part 5

    “Love” has become cheapened these days. “Love” is portrayed to us in soapies, it is marketed for Valentine’s Day, it is used to declare how we feel about our latest cell phone. There is even the danger that we can over-sentimentalise our “love” in our worship.

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  • The Hour That Changes Everything - Part 2

    The two passages of scripture, the one of Moses and the other of Jesus, tell of similar incidents when they “met with God” on the mountain.

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