Church Notices - 11th November 2018

9.00 am           Morning Worship Service - Mr Ian Webster
                        Bible Readings: Ruth 3:1-5; 4:13-17; Psalm 127; Hebrews 9:24-28; Mark 12:38-44.
9.00 am           Youth and Navigators
12.00 noon       Bring and Share Fellowship Lunch in the hall
Society Steward:  Margaret Fitzroy
Door Stewards:   Liz Murray and Anna de Villiers
Flowers:               Beryl Hoffman
                   SERVICE NEXT SUNDAY 18 November 2018
9.00 am           Morning Worship - Rev Nardus Nel
10.30 am          Sunnyside Service - Rev Nardus Nel
Mon 12 Nov 4.30pm  Care Team meeting.
Tues 13 Nov 8.30am Story for our Preschool - Nardus to lead.
Tues 13 Nov 6.30pm  Local Preachers meeting at Metro
Wed 14 Nov 9.00am Sewing for the Payiphini Ladies in the hall.
Thurs 15 Nov    Make Christmas Crackers in the hall.  All materials provided.  Bring a friend.
Fri 16 Nov 10am        Woodgrove Service
Sat 17 Nov 8.30am    Last Fresh Expressions training.
Mon 19 Nov 7.00pm Evening Women’s Auxiliary meet in the hall.  Katie van Eeden to share her story.  Newcomers always welcome.
Fri 23 Nov 6.00pm    Movie Night - “THE STAR” - for the whole family!

Sat 1 December 2018 from 8am -12noon 

  • Gifts are being wrapped.
  • A Marimba Band has been booked.
  • Books are being sorted and priced.
  • Christmas Crackers are being planned.  (Workshop on Thurs 15 Nov at 9.00am.  All welcome)
  • Toys are being knitted.
  • Breakfast menus are being tasted.
  • Jams and Preserves are being bottled.
  • Christmas recipes are being tested.
  • Sewing is being done.
  • Children’s second-hand toys are being cleaned.
  • Games are being planned.
  • Christmas Cards are being made
Where would you like to help?
Contact the church office on 033-3441202
1.   Francina Mofokeng and her family are looking for 2-bedroom accommodation in Prestbury. Please phone Francina on 072 901 6884
2.      Single elderly lady looking for secure accommodation in the Prestbury area. Contact the office if you know of anything available.

Our prayers for those folk who are sick and in need:
Betty Parkin - has been in St Annes for blood transfusions.  She was hoping to move to Wembley House for step-down care.
Jenny Webster - is enjoying being back home after her long stay in hospital.  Continues to improve daily although she still has a long recovery ahead of her.
Bobby Minter - has aggravated an old neck injury and is in a lot of pain.
Lettie Roberts - has ongoing pain in her hip and has opted to have medication instead of planned surgery.  We pray that the medication will lessen her pain.
Matsebetso Mosia - Francina Mofokeng’s mother, has been in hospital again but is feeling stronger now.  Family are grateful for your prayers.
Mike Coke - is having six weeks of radium therapy.
Di Jones – Di and Alan, as they cope with Di’s Huntingdon’s Chorea. Please pray for their children, Siaan and Gareth as well.
Our prayers for the elderly:                            John Murray
Betty Parkin             Soekie Peel                        Frank& Maureen Moore
Louise Bremmer       Dolf Roelofse                     Pam Boreham
Barry Dugmore         Elsie Marshall                     Verity Smith
Yvonne Suttie           Graham Palframan            Peter & Norma Webster
Barbara Kerry           Alison Peckham                Elaine Joyner
  • Our local Police at the Prestbury Police Station: Sgt S A Sosibo, Cst L T Mlangeni, Cst N N Phungula.
  • All students who are writing their final examinations, and especially those who have concerns about future studies or employment.
  • Pray for the Seminarians at Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary as they start their exams tomorrow.
Pray for those receiving treatment for cancer: 
Neville Westwood; Maureen Moore; Violet Ngcobo; Quinton (friend of Jacqui van Wyk); Darryl Moss;  Daniel Singery (friend of the van Eeden family); Sasha (friend of Rae Todd); Anne (Lynn Gilbert’s sister), Leonie (Joan Els’ sister).

Maureen Moore turns 84 today - Congratulations!
Anyone who is keen to help lead worship or sing in a choir, please come to church early on a Sunday morning (8.00am) to run through the songs and hymns for the service.  Your help will be welcomed.
If you have a passion for putting flowers in a vase, please contact Margaret Venter on 033-3443556 with your offer to do Sunday flowers in the church.  Our roster has many gaps.
LENT DIARY 2019  :  Watch this space!
Please see if you have any books at home that can be donated to our Book Stall.  Ask your friends as well.  Many more are needed.  Just bring to the office.  Thank you.
Also needed are items in good condition that can be re-packaged for the gift table.
Friday 23 November at 6.00pm.  “THE STAR” - an animated story for the whole family.  Donations will go towards Godly Play equipment for our Navigators.
WILDLANDS  RECYCLING    Bins for all your recycling down at our preschool.  More information on recycling tips available on the foyer table.  Please take and pass on to others.  Our preschool benefits financially from all items recycled here.
Words of Wisdom
A man of words and not of deeds,
Is like a garden full of

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